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Hello and welcome to our Algarve home.

My name is Paul and this is my lovely wife Dagmar and my amazing little boy Jason.

That's us on our boat off the coast of Connecticut in the US.

I was born in Portugal but grew up in the US as an American citizen.  My wife also came from Europe as she was born in Germany.  Our son was born in the USA.

We love the Algarve.  It is so beautiful there and there is so much to do.  So we decided to buy a place there. My family has owned property in the Algarve for decades and in fact my step dads company did many of the electrical installations in the Vilamoura and Quarteira area.

When we found our place we knew right away that it was located in a really nice spot. We are close to everything.  All of the Vilamoura resort center and all of Quarteira.

Our Algarve home is beautiful but unfortunately we can only be there a few weeks each year or less. It is a shame that such a wonderful place sits empty much of the time so we decided that we would let some nice folks like you use it while we are not there.  You get a great place to stay at a fair price and we get some money to help with the expenses.

We are located on the dividing line between Vilamoura and Quarteira a little place called Quinta do Romão.  It is the most centrally located spot in the area.

The only thing someone staying in the resort would have that we don't is a small Golf discount and we take care of that for our Golfer visitors by giving them a discount ourselves.

You will not find a more lovely and well appointed apartment anywhere in the area. Even the previous owner that we purchased it from always wants to rent the two peek weeks for herself.

Thank you for dropping by our place on the net and we hope to see you in the Algarve.

Paul, Dagmar and Jason

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